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HID® iCLASS® 2080 Clamshell Card - 2080 (Qty. 100) Indala FlexCard® - FPCRD (Qty. 100) HID® Proximity 1326 ProxCard II® Clamshell Card (Qty. 100)
High durability 13.56 MHz Contactless smart card Proximity Clamshell Card Value priced HID Proximity access control card
HID® iCLASS® 206x Tag with Adhesive Back (Qty. 100) HID® Proximity 1391 MicroProx Tag (Qty. 100) HID® iCLASS® 200x iCLASS® (Qty. 100)
Smart card upgrade tag for mag stripe & barium ferrite cards HID Prox Adhesive Tag converts nonmetallic cards and devices into proximity cards
Smart card for direct Image & thermal transfer
HID® Indala® Proximity FlexISO® Imageable Card - FPISO (Qty. 100) HID® Indala® Proximity Indala FlexKey® Keytag - FPKEY (Qty. 100) HID ISOProx® II Graphics Quality PVC, Proximity Access Card - 1386 / 1586 (Qty. 100)
For Use With Multiple ID Technologies A proximity card credential for upgrading Magstripe & Barium Ferrite ID badges ISO-Thin, Imageable proximity card for access control
HID® iCLASS® 205x iCLASS Key II (Qty. 100) HID ProxKey® II Proximity Access Key Fob - 1346 (Qty. 100) HID DuoProx® II Graphics Quality PVC, Proximity Access Card with Hi/Co Mag Stripe - 1336 / 1536 (Qty. 100)
Convenient 13.56 MHz Contactless Smart Key A proximity card keyfob for access control ISO-Thin, Imageable HID Proximity Card with Magnetic Stripe
HID® iCLASS® 202x iCLASS® + Prox Card (Qty. 100)
13.56 MHz iCLASS Smart Card with 125 kHz HID Proximity.