Dye Migration


Most people who wear ID cards put their badge through alot of wear and tear. This includes exposing badges to UV rays, heat, and rubbing.  A way to increase you cards life span is to add lamination.  The clear overlay that that comes standard with most ribbons does a good job of protecting your badge, but for the jobs that are physically demanding or exposed to heat using a laminator should be a top prioty when purchasing an ID card printer.  ID cards that are exposed to heat and worn in a badge holder are exposed to a problem called dye migration. Dye migration is when the dye rubs off against another product, like a badge badge holder (this is shown in the picture). Lamination also adds durability to the card itself, and helps protect the image of the card from rubbing an scraping. This can save alot of money if you are printing on an ISO prox card, that cost a couple  of dollars apeice.