Broken Ribbon

Does this image look familiar?  If it does than you have encountered the frustrating feeling of having your ID Card Printer snap your ribbon in half.  Do not throw the ribbon away this is an easy fix.


  1. 1. Cut off the excess crinkled ribbon with a pair of scissors
  2. 2. Use a piece of tape (the width of the ribbon or smaller) to tape the loose ends together
  3. 3. Wind up the ribbon past the tape and the Printer Ribbon is ready to go back to work
  4. 4. Watch the video below for visual instructions


If you have completed these steps and your ribbon continues to break, this usually means you need to update your printer firmware or settings.  Below are the issues that can usually help stop the ribbon from breaking:

  • - Printer needs a firmware update
  • - Printer needs to be recalibrated
  • - The image or heat transfer options are too high
  • - A sensor or o-ring in the printer is broken and you need to have you printer repaired by a certified technician