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If you have been looking for an inexpensive way to add extra visual security to your ID Cards, Magicard has solved your problem.  Magicard has introduced a new way of printing cards using their HoloKote technology.  HoloKote is a way of adding a hologram like image to your card using a Magicard printer and the standard ribbon that comes with it.  The advantages to this are big for companies that do not want to invest in a printer with a laminator add on plus the additional holographic overlay supplies.  


All of Magicard’s direct-to-card printers come standard with 4 built in HoloKote designs. The Pronto, Enduro+, and Rio Pro also allow the customer to create their own custom HoloKote using Magicard’s custom HoloKote program. The custom HoloKote costs extra but it gives the customer the flexibility to send in their own design that Magicard puts on a smart card to be used in the printer.  The process is easy to create and simple to install.

Click Here for a link to Magicard’s website with more information about HoloKote.